Basil J. Alwattar, M.D sports medicine specialist & general orthopedic surgeon

Dr Basil J. Alwattar, M.D sports medicine specialist & general orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Basil Alwattar is a sports medicine specialist and general orthopedic surgeon with a clinical focus on arthroscopic and open treatment of orthopedic pathology affecting the hip, knee and shoulder. Dr. Alwattar also treats traumatic injuries and degenerative conditions, provides general fracture care and performs replacement surgery of the shoulder, knee, and hip.

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  • Basil J. Alwattar M.D.

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  • Dr. Alwattar took excellent care of me. I had two finger fractures that had initially been treated by another orthopedist. My insurance changed in the middle of treatment and he picked up and took excellent care of me. His entire staff was professional, caring and I had a very positive experience. I most especially appreciated that he treated me as an adult and incorporated my opinion and wishes into my treatment plan.

    Raven B.
  • Dr. Alwattar was my moms knee surgeon and from the very moment we were referred to him until after the surgery and recovery, he was great! My mom was very nervous and had no hope in the surgery but once she was recovered and back to being fully independent on her own, she was so pleased and thankful of Dr. Alwattar! She had surgery about 7 months ago, and now she is ready to go back to have surgery done on her other knee also.

    Sahar N.
  • Dr. Alwattar is capable and sweet. (At least I think so, coz he's like 15 years younger than me.) Unlike another poster, I thought his bedside manner was good. Suspecting a torn meniscus, he sent me to get an MRI. When the MRI did show a torn meniscus, he explained well to me what this meant, and types of treatment, starting with the least invasive, which is a cortisone shot--which I opted for.

    Michelle B.
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