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maria e. Berkeley, CA

Dr Alwattar is a general orthopedist and sports injury doctor with Oakland Bone and Joint Specialists. First off, since it seems to be an issue with people, I have never waited longer here than at any other doctor's office. Sometimes we waited fifteen to thirty minutes, other times we were seen right away. Pretty normal doctor fare, so no complaint. In fact, my multiple visits to this office surpass that of most others. The office staff here are pleasant and competent, willing to help you out whether it be around scheduling issues, phone calls, insurance claims, referrals, or special billing for families with two addresses ;)

Dr. Alwattar is one of those doctors where you know he really enjoys what he does. Most importantly he is accountable and inspires confidence. My daughter, at 15 and a half years old, walks the line between pediatric and adult medicine. I was pleased that he addressed questions directly to her, instead of me, which sometimes happens with a parent in the room. Dr Alwattar tended to her knee requesting a series of X-rays and MRI's that led up to a somewhat rare diagnosis requiring surgery. Of course we sought out a second opinion and Dr Alwattar graciously gave us the names of several orthopedic doctors we could choose from. The second opinion doctor stated the same diagnosis and escorted us to his surgery scheduler(!). We chose Dr Alwattar to perform the surgery. He explained to us exactly what he would do during arthroscopic surgery and what my daughter could expect post surgery. He calmly handled every question, followed up on every (and I do mean every) concern my daughter and I had along the way. Dr Alwattar also maintains communication with her other care providers to assure a complete return to full health. This last part speaks volumes.

We feel fortunate to have found such a kind and thorough doctor for what has been at times a tense journey. Dr. Alwattar is a young doctor with a bright future ahead of him. I recommend him without hesitation.

Sahar N. Alameda, CA

Dr. Alwattar was my moms knee surgeon and from the very moment we were referred to him until after the surgery and recovery, he was great! My mom was very nervous and had no hope in the surgery but once she was recovered and back to being fully independent on her own, she was so pleased and thankful of Dr. Alwattar! She had surgery about 7 months ago, and now she is ready to go back to have surgery done on her other knee also. He is very knowledgable, kind, and honest. He gave her a lot of insight and recommendations to have a successful and fast recovery, which she did. My family has definitely appreciated everything he has done.

Emilio G. Hollister, CA

Honestly, i have nothing to complain about except for the fact that i thought we would have handheld x-ray cameras and portable MRI machines by now. Just kidding, i know a different sector is responsible for that. Ok, back to Doc Alwattar, MD. Doctor Basil (pronounced like the Brits), seems to be a pretty awesome guy. Like the kind of professional who you would also like to have a beer with. Thorough, informative, smart, charming and hard working. 2+ weeks in, after my surgery, and pre-op appointments obviously, and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's burning bright, nicely and warm. No complications with the surgery and my knee is healing rather peachy. I had a ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair, so you can imagine the fun i've been going through. Regardless Mr Alwattar and the rest of his team at Oakland Bone & Joint Specialists have done a superb job so far. Quick turnarounds with prescriptions and phone calls. Organized, clean and honest. He even gave me some pictures of the operations in order to explain the procedure. We will see if he can deliver the raw video footage of the whole procedure. Hopefully my brother can whip up a sweetly cropped video for some show and tell. Now, all he needs is a new picture on yelp. Perhaps a pinch less assertive, possibly with a little beard and you'll have a line of athletes blowing out their knee just to go see Doc Basil. Cinco Estrellas.

Michelle B. Alameda, CA

Dr. Alwattar is capable and sweet. (At least I think so, coz he's like 15 years younger than me.) Unlike another poster, I thought his bedside manner was good. Suspecting a torn meniscus, he sent me to get an MRI. When the MRI did show a torn meniscus, he explained well to me what this meant, and types of treatment, starting with the least invasive, which is a cortisone shot--which I opted for. Because I hate shots, I asked if I could hold someone's hand, and a nice tall technician came in. Dr. Alwattar explained everything as he went (which I asked him to do); he said that he'd been told the shot feels like a prolonged flu shot--which is just what it felt like! I squeezed that technician's hand, and it was over in no time. My knee's been fantastic ever since. I like Dr. Alwattar immensely.

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star rating one

Great Orthopaedic Surgeon

A friend of mine had recommended the Jeffrey Mann Clinic in Oakland so I saw Dr. Alwattar for my hip. After going over my Exrays he recommended a Total Hip Replacement. He spent time explaining the procedure, answering all my questions and preparing me for what could happen. The entire staff in his office helped me be prepared so everything would go smoothly for preop as well as the day of surgery. I knew as soon as I woke up from surgery that my hip was so much better. Dr. Alwattar spoke to me before going into surgery about his plans and continued to see me after surgery. At every appointment he spent time going over X-rays and answering questions. I wasn't sure what to expect after the procedure but could not have asked for it to be any better. This man is an amazing surgeon and feel so fortunate to have had him as my surgeon.

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star rating two

Carolynn in Oakland, CA – Apr 26, 2018

Dr. Alwattargave me a thoughtful preoperative evaluation and then performed an anterior approach total hip replacement. My hip was dysplastic, so it wasn't a standard case, but the result was phenomenal. Dr. Alwattar openly discussed and followed up on the one complication that occurred, and it turned out to be no problem for me.
star rating three

Ingrid Haubrich in Albany – May 04, 2017

I had two hip replacements performed within 6 weeks of each other this year. Dr Alwattar was my surgeon. Thanks to his skill and experience, both surgeries went very well. He was patient with me as I was initially ambivalent about the surgery. He is focused and calm, explains everything clearly, is highly skilled and very competent. I trusted his judgment completely and was not disappointed. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.
star rating four

SPALDING in San Leandro, CA – Aug 23, 2016

Wow! This guy is a skilled sugeon and talented doctor. I destroyed my knee: broken patella and snapped the tendon. He was straight with me about the scar I would have, the amount of time I would need to immobilize and the foolishness of driving with my left foot.

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